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Running Lights Takes Rochester

Hold onto your paddles, folks! The Running Lights Team just took the trip of a lifetime up to the Valenti Picklebarn in Rochester, New York. Keep reading to hear all about our adventure! 🏓 🥒

Where Paddles Meet Thunder

Imagine a barn—no, not your average hay-and-horses kind of barn. This one’s got sunbeams streaming through the rafters, pickleball courts buzzing, and a vibe that screams, “Game on!” Welcome to the Valenti Picklebarn in Penfield, New York.

The Backstory

Back in 1941, this barn was rebuilt after burning down. Like a phoenix with a wicked backhand, it rose from the flames stronger than before. Paul and his wife, Amanda, moved into the barn in 2015 and immediately got to work turning into a slice of pickleball heaven!

Paddle Battles and Touch Tennis

At the Valenti Picklebarn, the Running Lights team showed up for some friendly competition. Pickleball—a delightful blend of tennis, badminton, and ping pong—had everyone laughing and sweating. And then there was touch tennis—a fast-paced, dynamic game that kept everyone on their toes. The Valenti family proved to be formidable opponents! 🎾

Man in Running Lights t-shirt stances up for a pickleball swing.  Krzbry Running Lights energy drink is held in the foreground.

Next Up at the Picklebarn

From lessons to tournaments to the Rochester Pickleball League, the Valentis always have more ways to get involved at the Picklebarn. Check out their upcoming tournament schedule to learn more.

Not in the area but looking to support? Gear up on everything from rackets to t-shirts using the the Valenti's partner promo codes.

The Verdict

Valenti Picklebarn isn’t just a place; it’s a feeling. It’s where paddles find purpose, laughter echoes off the walls, and friendships are forged over sweaty high-fives. So next time you’re in Rochester, follow the sound of pickleball banter.

Oh, and don't forget to fuel up with Running Lights! 😉 ⚡️

Cheers, The Running Lights Team


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