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Nick Rowlett

Professional Lacrosse Player

Mitch Pierce


Camden Hoover


Jillian Money


"Great way to keep your body pumping through some hot race days!!!"

Davis Simpson


Caroline Bauer

UofF Track & Field

Emil Vassilev

Division 1 Tennis Player & Coach

I’m Emil Vassilev also known as Coach E within the tennis industry. I am very excited to partner up with Running Lights and be one of their ambassadors! I am tennis coach based in Richmond, Virginia and love helping people of all skill set and ages get better at tennis. One of my main specialties is tennis specific movement or footwork. I am the founder of the “Emil Tennis Method” which is a research based tennis movement and footwork training program. It allows the player to learn better and faster by applying actual tennis movement patterns in their game. I have a deep passion for coaching tennis and it has taken me all over the world. I played and coached Division 1 college tennis. I have worked at some of the biggest tennis academies and clubs including the John McEnroe Tennis Academy (JMTA) in New York City.

Learn more about Emil at

"I love the Running Lights energy drink because it is actually a healthy and safe drink and I can recommend it to my players. I was instantly impressed with the RL drink and amazed as to how tasty a healthy energy drink could


Sam Brunelle

UVA Women's Basketball

Sam is currently a forward on the UVA Women's Basketball team and has recently partnered with Running Lights Beverage to help promote our energy drinks at local markets

"Running Lights is an amazing, nutritious, tasty energy drink."

Kaelyn Jenny

Mountaineering, Climbing, Horseback Riding

I’m Kaelyn Jenny, and I was born and raised in Vermont.  I’ve been riding horses since I was 11 years old and in the past year or so have also gotten into high altitude mountaineering, ice climbing, and rock climbing.  I love to challenge myself physically and mentally, and climbing and mountaineering provides plenty of opportunity for that.  When I’m not showing horses I am usually traveling around climbing mountains. I just recently climbed Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in the Southern and Western hemisphere at 22,838 ft in January 2023. This summer, I have plans for ice climbing Alpamayo and Artesonraju in Peru and attempting several peaks in Bolivia over 19,000 ft.  I am hoping to get on some 8,000 m peaks in the next year or two and would like to eventually climb Everest without supplementary oxygen.

"I like Running Lights because it gives me energy to do the activities that I love and is actually healthy. I have found that Running Lights provides more sustained energy than coffee or other energy drink choices. The drinks are very refreshing and taste great!"

Will Kerley


I'm Will Kerley, and I've been racing motocross since I was 5 years old. I love every aspect of the sport. I enjoy the friendships, camaraderie, and support that is seen throughout motocross. I began and continue to primarily race at Daniel’s Ridge MX. I also enjoy traveling to as many other tracks as I can to practice different set ups and race against different folks of all skill levels. I went to Greensboro earlier this year to participate in a Kicker ArenaCross race which was featured on Ryde TV. I would love to see myself on TV, riding professionally. It is my goal to work on a ticket to Loretta’s next year.

I'm also teammates with fellow Running Lights ambassador Jackson Walker.

"I love Running Lights beverages because they keep me energized throughout all of my long motos and races."

Robert Scalise


Hello from my current tour in Jacksonville, Florida! I am happy to be the original brand ambassador for this great product, Running Lights. I squeeze out a living as a Navy doctor and Flight Surgeon, but I spend most of my time free diving, snowboarding, surfing, taking photographs and trying to be a decent father. I’m not the best at any of these things but I love to practice. Jobs in the past have taken me around the world from studying with dengue researchers in the Amazon jungle, to the European Grand Canyon on the island of Crete, to the sharky reefs of the Mariana Islands. I’ve been fortunate enough to pursue several interests over the years and hopefully, there will be many years to go.

"I choose Running Lights because I’m watching the ingredients. Healthy can taste good - with protein, vitamins B & C, and electrolytes, it beats the energy drinks hands down. Finally, there is a drink that gets it right. Taste them all, my favorite keeps rotating."

Furi Roy

Skiing, Snowboarding, Motocross

My name is Furious Roy but I just go by Furi, I was raised in Vt and have skied, snowboarded and rode/raced motocross my whole life but love to do anything and everything! I currently work at Killington mountain full time on park crew and also do snowmaking, I have a built out van I live out of during the week at the base of the hill to stay close! During the summer I race and ride Mx in the New England area and do it for fun mainly, all my friends and family ride too which makes it amazing. This coming spring/summer I’ll be traveling out west a bit to do some skiing and exploring across the country and then return to Killington in the summer to work the bike park but also to peruse a new skill in downhill also!! But I just love to have fun and do cool things, everyday is a good day in my books!!!

"I personally love Running Lights because it's a nice drink to have before doing literally anything. The drinks are mild and sweet, super friendly to the guts, and make you feel amazing- they dial you in for whatever you're about to take on!"

Jackson Walker


I’ve been racing motocross and riding my entire life. I was a 3 sport athlete in high school, participating in baseball, basketball and motocross. I then went on to play baseball in college. After college decided to focus more on racing. In the past 4 years I’ve won 5 championships while racing the indoors and outdoors series. I’ve won 3 motocross championships and 2 woods enduro championships. I ride KTM and Gasgas and am teammates with fellow Running Lights Ambassador Will Kerley

"I choose to drink running lights for the taste and great health benefits. I have a kidney disease and struggle with cramping and dehydration and the nutrients in the drink help me cope with my health issues. I also love the background history of the company and how they started."

Kasen Pierce


Hi, My name is Kasen Pierce and I’ve raced motocross my entire life! I have an amazing girlfriend and have a little girl on the way as well. I love family, riding, and BBQ-ing with the guys! I was born and raised in southern Utah and still live around the area. I have been riding electric bikes for just over 3 months now and absolutely love them. Before trying electric, I had the mindset that gas was superior but not anymore, these new light weight bikes make tricks so much eassier! I also have my own brand of aftermarket Sur-Ron parts and accessories called Pierced Motorsports! It’s been a very great learning curve and experience! 

"My favorite thing about Running Lights is the all-natural energy it gives me when riding! I love to know I'm drinking something healthier than the alternatives. My favorite flavor has got to be KRZY Berry."

Nathaniel Moore

Street Trials

Hi, I'm Nathaniel Moore! I am a street trials rider from North Carolina and currently attend college in Virginia, USA. After cross-country mountain bike racing for 5+ years, I became obsessed with the creativity of street trials in 2020 and began a journey of rapid progression.

Trials is a discipline of biking with the primary goal of riding over obstacles - often achieved by hopping around on only the rear wheel! Transforming urban environments into their playgrounds, riders like Danny MacAskill popularized the creative, bmx-influenced “street” trials with viral internet videos. Even so, trials remains a very difficult niche sport, requiring maximum bike control, balance, and strength.

I ride nearly every day to realize my visions of expressing and challenging myself through video parts, competitions, and demonstrations. My bike provides me with an escape from the worries of life, allowing me to see the world in a different way.

I am proud to be on the Running Lights team, and I hope to inspire others to have fun on two wheels. Catch me riding on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA!

"Being a health conscious person, I typically avoid common energy drinks because of their excessive caffeine, energy crashes, and dehydrating effects. Running Lights helps with sustained energy through long riding sessions so that I do not have to plan my sessions around my meals."

Dedicated athletes who choose Running Lights to push them further both on and off the track.

Our Ambassadors

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