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Venice is something special. You've got to see it.

by Robert Scalise

Revisiting the beach town in Los Angeles 30 years later as #RUNNINGLIGHTSBEVERAGE achieves semifinalist for the best new beverage of the year at BevNet.

Living in Venice 30 years ago, it was a little wacky and a little dangerous.

We scurried home past the homeless at nightfall after playing basketball on the hard courts. You didn’t want to get caught out here in the dark. I got threatened with a shank on one occasion, and on another occasion by a gang.

We ran like hell. That’s the Venice I knew.

Venice is chic now, at least it’s trying to be. The thin alleyways used to reek of

urine, now there is a low laying cloud of hipster weed smoke. Suppose that’s an improvement. It’s lost some of its edge but I’m sure you can still get yourself shanked on the courts.

Venice is vibrant. Venice is kooky. Venice is bustling. The people, graffiti, the beach and the mountains.

I knock it but still, Venice is something special. You've got to see it.

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