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Our Story

Energize your adventure with the better choice. 

Our mission is to inspire adventure and push you further.  The physician that created Running Lights was frustrated by the lack of a better beverage option while working long-haul overnight shifts, on road trips, and generally keeping up with life on the go. While making so many road trips with family during the pandemic the need was highlighted even more. The movement of the highway was inspiring. So many trucks moving us forward. So many families running around. The idea was born...a better beverage option for those on the go, to "keep your Running Lights on! Running Lights is inspired by people that push themselves to the limits but need a better choice. 

At the Intersection of Love and Frustration

Loving being on the go for adventures with friends and family, our Founder Dr. Jason was always in search of a refreshing alternative to standard energy drinks and typical sodas on road trips, working the night shift, and keeping up with kids and life on the go.  Too much caffeine, too much sugar, too artificial tasting...all these dissatisfactions with current options that also made him feel bad later. Frustrated by the lack of a better choice, our drinks were created to meet the needs and wants of travelers, adventure enthusiasts and active people on the go with a healthier, great-tasting drink. It quenches thirst and gives you the boost you need without excessive caffeine or sugar, so you can get on to your next adventure feeling good.


Running Lights' formulation is unique with the addition of whey protein to help avoid snacking on the go, and give you sustained energy.


That's why we're FUEL FOR THE JOURNEY.


So, whatever your journey may be, you can feel good about reaching for a cold Running Lights! 

Interstate 10 California desert Running Lights mountain background

Our Team

Golden retriever smiling with its head sticking out of the car window on open desert highway


The physician over-thinking while driving the family up and down the East Coast and working the night shift.

KRISTIN headshot juggling woman silhouette


The daughter of the trucker, voice of reason, and resident feedback loop.

DEREK headshot creative brain paint image


The graphic design genius bringing the vision to life. Check out his other works.

professional calendar shot of tractor trailer truck head in garage


The OG hustler and his rig; the inspiration behind our eye-catching can graphics.

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