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We’re more than an energy drink.  Our low-sugar beverages are physician-formulated to keep your running lights on without the jitters. No artificial colors or sweeteners, just natural flavors. Energize your journey with us today!


Physician-Developed Formulation with Sustaining Energy

With only 50 calories, B vitamins, a moderate caffeine profile, and whey protein, Running Lights gives you more sustained energy without the jitters or the crash.  Electrolytes help you avoid dehydrating effects of caffeine, and Vitamin C boosts overall immunity.

Whatever your journey may be, feel good about grabbing a cold Running Lights and ENERGIZE YOUR ADVENTURE!

Oh, and...

No Artificial Sweeteners.

No Artificial Colors.

All Natural flavors.


Ambassador Spotlights

The most recent additions to Team Running Lights!

Discover Better Energy

Physician-formulated with natural caffeine and protein, Running Lights beverages provide the balanced energy you need to push further.  Discover our full lineup of flavors: Citrus, Berry Lemonade, KrzBry, Mango, and Tea Time.

Tee Off with a Twist!

Introducing Tea Time

Tee off with a twist! Our newest addition to the Running Lights lineup, Tea Time, blends real black tea and zesty lemon to push you to the next level. Whether you’re hitting the golf course, powering through a workday, or simply need a refreshing pick-me-up, Tea Time has you covered. 🏌️‍♂️🍋⚡

Choose Your Pack:

  • Tea Time 12-Pack: Share the refreshing goodness with friends or stock up for yourself-- perfect for those who crave a consistent boost throughout the week.

  • 5-Flavor Variety Pack: Curious about our flavors? Try them all! Ideal for adventurous taste buds and those who want a little bit of everything.

"This stuff is really awesome. Cahoon's for the win! Had the Mango earlier and sipping on a Citrus now. The caffeine, vitamins, and protein content is awesome. Congrats and best of luck for continued success!"

Garrett, VA


Our Story

Energize your adventure with the better choice. 

Running Lights' mission is to inspire adventure and push you further. 

Our founder is a physician who was frustrated with the lack of a better beverage option for those long-haul overnight shifts, road trips, and general day-to-day life. 


"Keep your Running Lights on" is inspired by those that know how to push themselves to the limits but need a better choice.  

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