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The better choice.

When you need a boost, Running Lights' signature mix of ingredients will keep your running lights on! 

Inspired by those that push themselves to the limits but need a better choice.
We are changing the conversation about energy drinks. Our innovative formulation has protein + natural caffeine, delivered with great taste.


Refreshing the people with great taste.

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Physician-Developed Formulation with Sustaining Energy

With only 50 calories, B vitamins, a moderate caffeine profile, and whey protein, Running Lights gives you more sustained energy without the jitters or the crash.  Electrolytes help you avoid dehydrating effects of caffeine, and Vitamin C boosts overall immunity.

Whatever your journey may be, feel good about grabbing a cold Running Lights and ENERGIZE YOUR ADVENTURE!

Oh, and...

No Artificial Sweeteners.

No Artificial Colors.

All Natural flavors.

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"This stuff is really awesome. Cahoon's for the win! Had the Mango earlier and sipping on a Citrus now. The caffeine, vitamins, and protein content is awesome. Congrats and best of luck for continued success!"

Garrett, VA

Meet the Ambassadors

Meet our Ambassadors

When the Race Heats Up or the Match Gets Tough, 

Our Ambassadors Fuel Up to Keep their Running Lights On!


Our Story

Energize your adventure with the better choice. 

Running Lights mission is to inspire adventure and push you further. The physician that created it was frustrated by the lack of a better beverage option while working long-haul overnight shifts, on road trips, and generally keeping up with life on the go.  "Keep your Running Lights on" is inspired by those that know how to push themselves to the limits but need a better choice.  

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